Gnome Lambda 80 hp French rotary aircraft engine.
A combo pack with Sage wooden propeller fabricated by Proper Plane. Scale 1:32

The model was created in such a way to avoid any simplifications and should be treated as a model itself rather than an upgrade set. However, the possibility of application in a plastic model is also assumed. For this reason, two various central supports are included: one can be used as a display stand, while the second one allows for the application in a plastic model - the engine fits perfectly under the cowling of Wingnut Wings Sopwith Pup.

To avoid simplifications, the model contains many complicated parts - 120 in total and an additional wooden propeller and hub (fabricated by Proper Plane). The positions of valves can be reproduced as in a real engine, in the open or closed position. Many parts are movable and need no glue for the installation to accurately reproduce the real object.

For this reason, the kit is dedicated to advanced modelers, and expert ability is required. Before assembly, I recommend carefully studying the instruction manual and available documentation.

We added some extra parts for the training of assembling and painting to each model kit.

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(SOLD OUT) Gnome Lambda 80 hp engine with Sage wooden propeller 1/32

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