Recommended for use on several German planes including WnW: • Halberstadt Cl.II (32049 D)
• Albatros D.V/D.Va (32009 A B E / 32015 B E / 32601 A B)
Fokker D.VII (32011 AB / 32027 E / 32030 BE / 32031 ACDE) Junkers D.1 (32065 ABCD) Pfalz D.XII (32019 C) Pfalz D.IIIa (32006 B) Roland C.II (32026 ABCDE / 32041 ABCD)

and other with Mercedes 160/180/200 HP engine.

Hand carved wooden propeller with resin boss. The propeller is made up of veneers of maple and pear and these are very delicate and look excellently to scale. The balance is excellent as is the shape. The center hub with eight bolts were modelled in 3D and casted specially for this propeller. The propeller diameter 87 mm is matches the kit part from Wingnut Wings. It has a beautiful satin lacquer finish and is super smooth to the touch.

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Axial for Mercedes engine 1/32

  • Brands Proper Plane
  • Product Code:WP-001
  • Availability:Made to Order (TBA)
  • USD 32.00

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